History of the Stuurmanspad

B&B The Kraaienst is located on the Stuurmanspad, which is a narrow street that runs along the west side of the Zaan. When you visit this historical path for the first time, you will be amazed at the tranquility you will find. If you didn’t know about the path, you would never find it, and when you walk along the historical path today, it feels as if you are stepping back in time.

The exact age of the Stuurmanspad is not known. We do know that people were forced to build here in the early 17th century because space along the dykes had became scarce. Many paths were named for their residents. In the centre of Zaandam, workers and peasants lived and worked together. Milk was peddled from the path. The farmers reached their cattle in the field by boat.

The industrial buildings along the Zaan have been restored and transformed into residential and hospitality buildings (pubs, cafés, hotels and restaurants). In the old factory of Royal Verkade you will find a nice restaurant and a library. But there is also an ultra-modern gym in an ancient palace, a running track, music, the harbour, a theater, a cinema…and all within walking distance.

From the Stuurmanspad, you can see the Westzijderkerk (church) Zaandam. It is a cruciform church, built between 1640 and 1680, previously in the square before the church cattle market. The story goes that a pregnant woman who was put on the horns of a bull delivered the child that way. Since then, the building has been popularly called Bull Church.

If you see or hear children playing outside the B&B, know that they are searching in our garden for butterflies, frogs, hedgehogs and gnomes. Of those four things, we know for certain that the first three are there!